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Dr. Raghvendra Mall


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Dr. Raghvendra Mall is a Research Scientist at Qatar Computing Research Institute. He works on developing and utilizing data driven modeling techniques for computational biology with a primary focus on network biology and structural bioinformatics. He is primarily interested in problems like differential network analysis, gene regulatory network inference, master regulator analysis and disease module identification in biological networks.

From a structural bioinformatics point of view, he is particularly interested in designing sequence-based approaches for protein solubility, protein crystallization and ultimately protein function prediction. He is also intent on predicting viral protein neutralization and protein structure prediction e.g. secondary structure and residue-residue contact prediction.

He is always on the lookout for new opportunities and collaborating with his peers.

Jul-Oct, 2013: Research Associate, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Hamad Bin Khalifa University — Qatar
Developed primal-dual framework for feature extraction using least squares support vector machines. Developed sparse reductions to kernel spectral clustering for microarray datasets.
References: Dr. Mohammed El Anbari & Dr. Halima Bensmail

Aug-Jan, 2011-12: Research Intern, Microsoft, R & D — India
Formulated large scale micro-markets based on search queries using the BING Keyword-Advertiser graph on a distributed platform. Implemented a parallel version of power iteration clustering in combination with hierarchical clustering.

Aug-Jan, 2010-11: Research Intern, INRIA — France
Developed algorithms for incremental clustering based on variants of growing neural gas algorithms. Applied the same to textual and biological datasets.
References: Prof. Jean-Charles Lamirel

2012-2015: Doctorate at KU Leuven, Belgium - Summa Cum Laude
Specialization: Large Scale Kernel Methods, Large Scale Social Network Analysis and Sparsity in Kernel based Models

2006-2012: Bachelors + Masters by Research in CSD at IIIT-Hyderabad, India
Specialization: Associative Rule Mining and Incremental Clustering

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For other research see his Google Scholar page

Professional Activities: Journal Reviewer for TNNLS, Bioinformatics, Neural Computing and Applications.


  • 2012-15: Doctorate Funded by European Research Council
  • 2010: Undergraduate Research Award
  • 2006: Secured Rank 70 (out of ~100000) in WBJEE
  • 2006: Ranked 1772 (out of ~600000) in AIEEE

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