Biological networks unravel the inherent structure of molecular interactions which can lead to a discovery of driver genes and meaningful pathways, especially in cancer context. Often due to gene mutations, the gene expression undergoes changes and the corresponding gene regulatory network sustains some amount of localized re-wiring. The ability to identify significant changes in the interaction patterns caused by the progression of the disease can lead to the revelation of novel relevant signatures.

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Qatar Genome Programme is an initiative that aims to use the latest DNA sequencing technology to establish a genome map of the local population. It uses a collection of samples and data from Qatar Biobank participants to identify genotype-phenotype associations relevant to the Qatari population. This will provide unique insights that would enable the development of personalized healthcare in Qatar.

QCRI Bioinformatics group is part of the QGP consortium and is involved in solving how the Whole Genome Sequencing Reveals the Germline Landscape of Cancer-Susceptibility Genes Variation in Qataris population.

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