Nov 19,2018

The hard work of HBKU PhD sudent Abdurrahman Elbasir and his collaborators at QCRI and QBRI has come to fruition with the acceptance of DeepCrystal: A Deep Learning Framework for sequence-based Protein Crystallization Prediction in Bioinformatics. The work included providing the predictions via a webserver and making the code available for all. The paper includes extensive comparisons with, now former, state of the art methods. We look forward to sharing the paper when it is released.

QCRI Scientists Develop Algorithm to Detect Brain Cancer Markers

Jan 30, 2018

The RGBM method has been shown to be able to identify the main regulators for certain brain tumors, but the method is more general and widely applicable for network inference. It was published in Nucleic Acids Research and Nature. The code for RGBM is available on CRAN and there is a bare bones tutorial on this site here.